Our environmental load in 2017 through business activities is as follows.

Schematic environmental load in manufacturing activities

Energy Compared to last year


Compared to last year
Purchased electric power 32,047 Mwh 100.2% Clean Water 14,547m3 153.3%
City Gas 11,267thousandsm3


Industrial water 25,562m3 93.0%
Heavy Oil 14 KL 4.2% Well water 30,589m3 84.5%





Compared to last year

Compared to last year
Waste 361ton 89.1%

Discharged water

Industrial waste 256ton 87.1% Discharge of drainage 50,154ton 98.3%
Industrial waste subject to special control 8ton



General waste 8ton 100% Amount of emission of Green house gas in terms of CO2    
Amount of recycled resources 89ton 93.7% 42,080ton 99.5%