Daiichi glass is the specialized manufacturer for small and medium glass containers and has achieved high quality and low-cost products in high-mix low-volume production. Glass container is recognized by society as superior packaging container, which is safe in material, functional, diverse in design and recyclable. Additionally, we will study and develop new technology and promote superiority and characteristics of glass container and manufacture acceptable products as essential package in daily life. We will develop business by contributing to society and winning societyfs confidence.

Masayuki Hasegawa

Daiichi Glass will supply glass containers satisfied by customers and contribute to society and aim developing company by winning the confidence from society.

P) We will try to improve total quality to meet requirement from customers.

We will promote superiority and characteristics of glass container as packaging container material and will pursue convenience and high quality superior to other packaging container.


We will try to develop human resources by establishing personnel training, personnel matters, performance evaluation system, promotion & advancement system and combining them reasonably.