Many kinds of glass containers are used in kitchen, such as for spices, seasonings, table delicacies etc. Glass containers can be used safely as they neither affect taste nor spread odor to content. And also glass containers are easy-to-use in cooking and on dining table. These are reasons why glass containers are widely used in kitchen. Glass containers enhance nature flavor of the materials, support Japanese food culture and create art of dining.

gGood taste in glass.h Glass containers will bring freshness of fruit juice with its original taste and quality to consumer. In this field many consumers say gAfter all, glassh with exhilaration of popping sound of cap.

Glass shows great ability in controlling and storing of pharmaceuticals. The reason why many pharmaceuticals are packed in glass containers is they can offer safety that they do not transelement the content in a wide variety of environments. Daiichi Glass has developed pharmaceutical bottles such as light-weight vial bottles for injection and light-weight PS bottles for tablet.

When you want to take nourishment easily or get tired ccc energy pick up inadvertently.

Energy drink bottles are amber, which protects resolution of ingredient from light. It is also glass containerfs mission to guarantee a certain quality over a long period of time.

While Daiichi Glass are imaging dream of beauty, we also want to cherish beauty of glass itself. Cosmetic bottles, which being fashion-conscious and trendy products are containers that tell femininity, refine virility and express exhilaration and premium accents.
These bottles show fascinatingly characteristics of content and the form that is in step with times. Only glass can achieve these kinds of effects.